Baby Brezza™ Lawsuit - Experienced product liability lawyers.

Baby Brezza Enterprises LLC, and their parent companies The Betesh Group and The Betesh Group Holding Corp. Inc., built and sold machines that allegedly provided incorrect nutrition to children and provided no warnings that it was happening.

Belluck & Fox has decades of experience defending consumers against companies that have broken the public’s trust and need to be held accountable for their dangerous products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Brezza™ Formula Machines

Which Baby Brezza™ products are dangerous?

Both the Baby Brezza™ Formula Pro and Formula Pro Advanced machines have been identified as providing less nutrition than needed.

What are the machines doing wrong?

Baby Brezza™ claimed the machines mix the perfect amount of formula. But our clients and research show that not to be the case, with babies receiving less formula than they should.
How does this put my child at risk?

Mixing less formula than anticipated leads to parents unknowingly providing their children less of the necessary nutrients they need to remain healthy.

What should I do if I have one of these machines?

If you or someone you know has one of the Baby Brezza™ formula machines, you should stop using it and contact Belluck & Fox today.

What level of compensation can I expect from a suit?

While we cannot promise future results, our success with product liability cases is strong. We have recovered more than $1 billion for people harmed by dangerous or defective products.

Why is Belluck & Fox pursuing cases against Baby Brezza™?

The company has allegedly failed to notify buyers of the defect, recall defective machines, or take any other steps to protect children being fed formula mixed by the machines. We are suing for strict liability failure to warn and defective design, negligence, fraud, unjust enrichment, breach of implied and express warranty, and violations of New York business law.

Why should I trust Belluck & Fox to handle my case?

We have already filed the first lawsuit involving Baby Brezza™. A New York parent who noticed the problem, Jon Borgese, came to Belluck & Fox to file this initial suit because of our s