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Asbestos Exposure

News Report Points to Asbestos and Other Environmental Hazards in Philadelphia Schools

2019-03-26T18:21:17-04:00May 15th, 2018|Abatement, Asbestos Exposure|

Too many times, asbestos issues have come up in America's schools. U.S. government officials have sent out a call to encourage school districts to plan carefully to remove asbestos before it becomes an issue. Now, schools in Philadelphia are faced with "serious environmental hazards" and students and employees face health ...


Parents Concerned Over Connecticut School Asbestos Removal Project

2019-03-27T14:05:37-04:00December 19th, 2017|Asbestos Exposure|

In 2015, a government-issued report raised an alarm over the amount of asbestos in U.S. schools. Since then, several Connecticut schools have been working in earnest to clear the hazardous material from the buildings. (See how one Hartford school was forced to deal with an asbestos issue.) Now, some parents ...


Need Know Sept 11 Asbestos Exposure

2020-04-03T13:59:50-04:00September 11th, 2017|911, Asbestos Exposure|

On Sept. 11, 2001, our country was forever changed. When terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, more than 2,500 innocent people died. Children lost parents. Families lost sons and daughters. As a country, we mourned these great losses. But we did not let them break our spirit. ...


Detroit Neighborhood Residents Concerned About Possible Asbestos Exposure From Abandoned Dumpster

2019-03-27T14:07:28-04:00September 9th, 2017|Asbestos Exposure|

It has been a challenging year for residents in Flint, Michigan as they fight for clean water after the city’s water lines were found to be tainted with lead. Now, residents in the neighboring city of Detroit may be facing another health crisis after a dumpster loaded with asbestos was left ...


Government Raises Concerns Over State of Asbestos in U.S. Schools

2019-03-25T15:33:54-04:00September 9th, 2017|Asbestos Exposure|

Administrators of public school systems, colleges and universities are sometimes caught scrambling to rid their schools of asbestos once it is uncovered. We have reported on issues in the past in New York, Connecticut and Ohio public schools, and in Texas and New York universities. Now, U.S. Senators are concerned ...


Once Again Asbestos is Found in Binghamton, NY Schools

2019-03-27T14:05:26-04:00December 17th, 2013|Asbestos Exposure|

In August we reported about the presence of unsafe levels of asbestos at Calvin Coolidge Elementary School in Binghamton, NY. Now, asbestos has been found in several other schools in Binghamton – Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, West Middle School and Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. According to an article in, ...