Types of Companies with Asbestos Exposure

Mesothelioma in Food Processing Plants

Food Processing Plants

The world has dramatically increased its reliance on processed foods over the past century.  A significant portion of the American diet relies on food that has been produced or packaged in large factories and processing plants.  Prior to the 1990s,… Keep Reading

Mesothelioma Pharmaceutical Plant

Pharmaceutical Plants

The pharmaceutical industry manufactures drugs for use by consumers.  Pharmaceuticals are mass produced in large plants.  Prior to the 1990s, these plants used asbestos equipment and materials such as pumps, valves, gaskets, packing, insulation, lab equipment, and ovens. The asbestos Keep Reading

Paper Mills and Mesothelioma

Textile Mills

Textile mills are large scale operations where raw fiber is woven into yarn, thread, and fabric.  Many different styles and techniques are used to produce these materials, including weaving, knitting, lacing, and braiding, and the finished products are often dyed… Keep Reading

Mesothelioma in Aerospace Industries

Aerospace Factories

The advent of the aerospace industry created jobs during the twentieth century.  Responsible for the design and production of aircraft, missiles, rockets, and spacecraft, over a million Americans were employed by aerospace companies at the industry’s height during the 1980s. … Keep Reading

Mesothelioma in Automotive Companies

Automotive Factories

For over a century, the automotive industry has been a vital source of employment for the American workforce.  Although the industry is most closely associated with Detroit, Michigan, automotive assembly plants existed in many other states.  Prior to the 1990s,… Keep Reading

Mesothelioma in Chemical Plants

Chemical Plants

Chemical manufacturing in the United States employs over a million Americans.  Responsible for such diverse products as plastics, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and flavorings, chemical production is a major American industry.  Although people have been producing and refining chemicals for thousands of… Keep Reading

Mesothelioma in Electric Plants

Electronics Plants

Many Americans have been employed at electronics plants that build circuit boards, radios, televisions, and computer equipment.  These jobs put workers at a high risk of developing mesothelioma due to the asbestos equipment that was used extensively at these production… Keep Reading

welders at a factory

Manufacturing Plants

The manufacturing industry was the primary driver of the American economy throughout much of the 20th century.  Millions of people have been employed by the American manufacturing sector.  Prior to the 1990s however, most U.S. factories utilized asbestos materials and… Keep Reading

Mesothelioma in Glass Factories

Glass Plants

The glass manufacturing industry employed hundreds of thousands of Americans during the 20th century.  Prior to the 1990s, glass workers were exposed to asbestos equipment, including insulated tanks, tongs, pumps, valves, and boilers. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that is… Keep Reading

Mesothelioma in Metal Fabricators

Steel & Aluminum Plants

Metal manufacturing in America has roots extending all the way back to the colonial era, and has been a major U.S. industry ever since.  Smelting plants working with steel, iron, copper, and aluminum have been major sources of employment for… Keep Reading

Worker at Paper Mill

Paper Mills

Pulp and paper manufacturing is one of the United States’ largest manufacturing industries, and employed millions of Americans during the 20th century.  New York was one of the most active areas for the paper industry, and was home to many… Keep Reading

Powerplant accross the river


Powerhouses or power plants produce electricity. Energy generation is most commonly achieved through burning fossil fuels such as coal or oil, though alternatives such as hydroelectric dams, nuclear plants, and fields of solar panels or windmills also exist. Nearly 400,000… Keep Reading

Ship being repaired

Docks & Shipyards

The American shipbuilding and ship repair industry has employed hundreds of thousands of workers.  In addition to these workers, there are roughly 65,000 longshoremen at American ports, and over 60,000 American sailors manning these vessels.  Prior to the 1990s, the… Keep Reading

Mesothelioma on Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Nearly six million American workers are employed by the construction industry.  During the bulk of the 20th century, asbestos could often be found in construction equipment, as well as materials such as gaskets, ceiling and floor tile, joint compound, caulking,… Keep Reading