Asbestos Job Sites in NY

Several cities in New York have been home to different types of companies and factories in different industries that are known to have used asbestos. Below you can find a list of asbestos sites in New York:


Today, 3M is a household name, most commonly known for its Scotch tapes, Scotchgard-brand products, and Post-It Notes. However, founders William A. McGonagle, John Dwan, Hermon W. Cable, Henry S. Bryan, and J. Danley Budd originally had a vision for… Keep Reading

A&P Co.

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P Co.) is a U.S. supermarket and liquor store chain with more than 300 location in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland. Although it remains a popular and iconic chain… Keep Reading

menands map

Albany Felt Company

Albany International, formerly the Albany Felt Company, had its main factory in Menands, New York. The Menands plant made felts and machine clothing that contained asbestos and also had asbestos equipment and building materials. Keep Reading


Aluminum manufacturer Alcan, Inc. opened its Oswego, New York plant in 1963. Making aluminum is a heat-intensive process and Alcan Oswego used many asbestos-containing materials such as refractory cement in its equipment. Keep Reading


ALCO made locomotives, one of the machines that popularized the used of asbestos, at its Schenectady, New York facility. Train and factory components both contained asbestos that workers were exposed to. Keep Reading


ALCOA in Massena, New York has been in operation since 1903 and remains a major aluminum producer. Asbestos was used throughout ALCOA Massena in equipment and materials such as grinding machines, crucibles, and protective gear. Keep Reading

Allied Chemical

Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation was created in 1920 as a partnership of five U.S. chemical companies. At the time, Germany was the center of the chemical industry, so the U.S. and its World War I allies needed a solution… Keep Reading

American Standard

American Standard Brands is a major manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products. It emerged from the breakup of American Standard Companies, which originally consisted of three separate businesses that made plumbing fixtures, HVAC systems and automotive braking systems. The American… Keep Reading

Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong World industries originated as a cork-cutting shop and is today a leading international manufacturer of products used to finish home and building interiors, including floor coverings, ceilings, and adhesives. Armstrong has 32 plants in eight different countries and approximately… Keep Reading

Asbestos Exposure at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.

Founded in 1865 in Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell University considers itself a private institution with a public mission. The Ivy League university is a federal land-grant institution and is considered “the first truly American university because of its founders’ revolutionarily egalitarian… Keep Reading

Auburn Plastics

Auburn Plastics, Inc., is a former plastic parts manufacturing company in Auburn, New York. The company began as a button factory and later moved exclusively into plastic molding. Workers at Auburn Plastics were exposed to asbestos due to its use… Keep Reading

bausch and lomb building

Bausch & Lomb

Eye product and lens maker Bausch & Lomb is headquartered in Rochester, New York, where it also has a manufacturing facility that used asbestos-containing materials. Belluck & Fox has represented former Bausch & Lomb workers in asbestos cases. Keep Reading

Beech Nut

Beech Nut

Beech Nut was founded in Canajoharie in 1891 and operated a plant there until 2011. Food processing plants are a well-known source of asbestos exposure and Beech Nut Canajoharie used asbestos equipment such as ovens, pumps, boilers, and valves. Keep Reading

bethlehem steel blast furnace

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel is a major American steelmaker with a plant in Lackawanna, New York. Coke ovens, boilers, crucibles, furnaces and other equipment and materials used at Bethlehem Steel Lackawanna contained asbestos. Keep Reading

cement plant

Blue Circle Cement

Ravena, New York has been hub of cement-making since the 1960s. The Blue Circle cement made in Ravena has been featured in a number of prominent buildings. Cement manufacturing incorporated asbestos for much of the 20th century. Keep Reading

borg warner


Borg-Warner manufactures vehicle parts for the automotive industry. Borg-Warner made auto-transmission components at its Cortland, New York plant until 2012 and makes transmission and engine timing components at its Ithaca, New York plant. These components are made with asbestos. Keep Reading

bristol myers


Bristol-Myers Squibb develops and manufactures medicines at its Syracuse, New York plant. Materials and equipment used in the daily operations of the Syracuse facility, such as boilers, pumps, ovens, and lab equipment, contained asbestos. Keep Reading

Burrows Paper Corporation

Burrows Paper Corporation has been making paper products since 1919. Headquartered in Little Falls, New York, Burrows has four U.S. paper mills, three of which are in upstate New York. It also owns packaging plants in the U.S., Europe, and… Keep Reading

Carborundum Company

The Carborundum Company was founded by the man who invented silicon carbide, the world’s first artificially produced mineral. Carborundum has been based in Niagara Falls, New York, since the late 19th century, and its innovative abrasive, refractory, and insulation compounds… Keep Reading

old chimeney

Carrier Corporation

Carrier, based in Syracuse, New York, developed the world’s first air-conditioning system. Carrier’s plants in Easy Syracuse and nearby Dewitt utilized asbestos-containing materials and the company’s HVAC home products also contained asbestos. Keep Reading

gm cars


Iconic American vehicle manufacturer Chevrolet had facilities in Buffalo, New York and Tarrytown, New York. At both plants workers may have been exposed to asbestos from high-temperature machinery, braking systems, and more. Keep Reading

Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic (CP) is a global tool company that dates back to the turn of the 20th Century. Its tools have helped build American landmarks and contributed to American industry for more than 110 years. Chicago Pneumatic operated a tool manufacturing… Keep Reading

Corning Glass Works

International glass and ceramics maker Corning International, formerly Corning Glass Works, is headquartered in Corning, New York. Asbestos was used in all buildings of Corning’s manufacturing and research facilities. Keep Reading

Crane Co.

Crane Co. is a large-scale manufacturer of industrial products focusing on core areas of fluid handling, controls, aerospace and electronics, engineered materials, and merchandising systems. It employs more than 11,000 people in 26 countries, with its headquarters in the New… Keep Reading

crucible steel

Crucible Steel

U.S. steelmaker Crucible Industries has a mill just outside of Syracuse, New York. Pre-1980s, Crucible used asbestos-containing equipment such as furnaces, Hot Tops, and boilers. Keep Reading

domino sugar building

Domino Sugar

The former Domino Sugar refinery in Brooklyn, New York once employed 4,000 people and was the largest sugar refinery in the world. Refinery equipment at the Brooklyn facility, including burners and filter aids, contained asbestos. Keep Reading

Donner Hanna Coke Corporation in Buffalo, New York

Between WWI and its closure in 1982, the Donner Hanna Coke Corporation produced chemical byproducts in its Buffalo, New York, coke-oven plant. These byproducts were valued by the U.S. military and the private chemical industry. Asbestos Exposure at Donner Hanna… Keep Reading


Dresser-Rand is a global leader in compressor technology. At its Painted Post facility Dresser-Rand makes gas engines and reciprocating compressors used by the oil and gas industry. Vales, piping, pumps and other equipment at this facility exposed workers to asbestos. Keep Reading

Dunkirk Radiator Corporation

The Dunkirk Radiator Corporation of Dunkirk, New York, is a former manufacturer of boilers and radiators. Dunkirk merged with radiator maker The Utica Companies of Utica, New York, in 1999 to form ECR International, creating the third-largest boiler company in… Keep Reading


E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company — better known as DuPont — is an American chemical corporation with holdings in agriculture, electronics and communications, bioscience, nutrition and health, safety and protection, and performance materials. Founded in Delaware in… Keep Reading

eastman kodak hq

Eastman Kodak

Kodak of Rochester, New York makes photographic and imaging products. Some of the equipment and building materials used at Kodak’s facilities in the Rochester area contained asbestos. Belluck & Fox has represented former Kodak workers in asbestos lawsuits. Keep Reading

endicot johnson building


Endicott-Johnson of Binghamton, New York was a major Southern Tier employer, where it had footwear manufacturing factories. Its tanneries, rubber mills, and other production facilities used asbestos in machines and materials. Keep Reading

postcard of a finch pruyn building

Finch, Pruyn & Co.

International glass and ceramics maker Corning International, formerly Corning Glass Works, is headquartered in Corning, New York. Asbestos was used in all buildings of Corning’s manufacturing and research facilities. Keep Reading

Foster Wheeler

Industrial heating equipment manufacturer Foster Wheeler had a manufacturing plant in North Dansville, New York until 2003. Former workers were exposed to asbestos from gaskets, packing, boilers, furnaces, and other equipment and materials. Keep Reading

General Electric Schenectady

General Electric Plants

Thomas Edison Founded GE in Schenectady, New York, where it was headquartered until recently and still maintains facilities. Asbestos was widespread in GE Schenectady where it was used not only in facility equipment and materials but also GE-made products. Keep Reading

Goulds Pumps

Goulds Pumps was founded in Seneca Falls, New York, where it maintains a major manufacturing hub capable of all phases of pump production. Goulds pumps and the equipment used at the Goulds plant contained asbestos. Keep Reading

gte sylvania

GTE Sylvania

GTE Sylvania made television components, lighting products, transistors, and transformer at its Seneca Falls, New York manufacturing plant. Asbestos was used in ovens, glass-handling equipment, abrasive materials and other materials and equipment at this facility. Keep Reading

queensbury ny town

Hercules / Ciba Geigy

Queensbury, New York was home to the Hercules manufacturing plant until 1989. The plant made paper, pulp, and pigment and made use of asbestos-containing materials in its shops and production facilities. Keep Reading


Computing giant IBM built a facility in Endicott, New York in 1904 and to this day has a major facility in the city. Workers at IBM Endicott may have been exposed to asbestos from on-site materials and equipment. Keep Reading

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand (IR) is a global manufacturing giant with more than 50 plants worldwide, as well as expansive warehouses, repair centers, and office spaces. With a North American headquarters in Davidson, North Carolina, the company has a long history in… Keep Reading

Former offices of International Paper Hudson River Mill, Corinth NY

International Paper

International Paper in Corinth, New York employed more than 1,450 people at its peak. Many International Paper workers were exposed to asbestos from manufacturing equipment used at the plant as well as asbestos-containing products made in Corinth. Keep Reading

International Paper

International Paper’s Ticonderoga mill is one of the largest paper mills in the country. Asbestos cement, insulation, refractory, brakes, felts, and other asbestos-containing materials were used by International Paper to create its products. Keep Reading

Mobil Oil Refinery in Buffalo, N.Y.

The Mobil Oil Refinery at 625 Elk St. in Buffalo was the corporation’s oldest refinery in the nation, conducting petroleum refining operations starting in the 1880s. Spanning more than 90 acres, the site housed both refining and storage facilities, employing… Keep Reading

nestle logo


Confection company Nestle began producing chocolate in Fulton, New York in 1909. Asbestos was used throughout the now-closed Fulton plant as an insulation and building material and for other purposes. Keep Reading

Occidental Chemical Corporation

Occidental Chemical Corp. runs a manufacturing plant in Niagara Falls, New York (formerly Hooker Chemical). Workers there may have been exposed to asbestos from building materials, raw asbestos used to make chlorine, and protective gear. Keep Reading

Owens Corning Delmar Plant

Glass-fiber manufacturing giant Owens Corning produces insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composites at dozens of facilities around the world. The Owens Corning plant in Feura Bush, New York, often referred to as the Delmar Plant, was established in 1976 for the… Keep Reading

Pfaudler Inc. in Rochester, N.Y.

Based in Rochester, N.Y., Pfaudler Inc. is a process solutions company that serves the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well other industries around the world. Its founder’s original invention of glass-lined steel was intended to be used in the beer… Keep Reading

sign in Rome, NY

Revere Copper

The Revere Copper Plant in Rome, New York used asbestos-containing materials to create machine seals, for insulating equipment used to generate heat and steam, as a lining material for melting and forming copper, and for other purposes. Keep Reading

water tower

Reynolds Metal

Belluck & Fox has represented several former Reynolds Metal employees who worked at the company’s Massena plant, where they were exposed to asbestos from cement, turbines, boilers, furnaces, ingots, hot tops, soaking pits, and other equipment and materials. Keep Reading

old factory

Schenectady Chemical

Schenectady Chemical, today known as Schenectady International, has operated several New York facilities since the early 1900s. These facilities used asbestos in gaskets, packing, insulation, storage vessels, and other manufacturing equipment. Keep Reading

xerox sign


Imaging giant Xerox was founded in Rochester, New York and was headquartered in the city for many years. At its nearby Webster, New York facility Xerox used asbestos construction materials, protective clothing, and other asbestos-containing materials. Keep Reading

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