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Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare Regional Cancer Center

Faxton st lukes hospitalFaxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare is a non-profit organization that manages Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare Regional Cancer Center. Historically, Faxton Hospital and St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital operated independently until they merged in 2000 to become Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare. The Faxton Hospital and St. Luke’s Campus Acute Care currently house 370 inpatient beds, with an extensive network of facilities that include the Regional Cancer Center. Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare’s commitment to community healthcare has been established throughout its history together and as independent institutions in the Mohawk [...] For more information please visit


1676 Sunset Ave
Utica, NY 13502


Mesothelioma Center:
iconThis facility has been designated as a mesothelioma center.