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We Support Mesothelioma Education

In 2012, Belluck & Fox, LLP in New York launched its inaugural mesothelioma essay contest. Nearly 60 entries were received for the contest and $10,000 in prize money was offered. Participants wrote essays on a variety of mesothelioma topics: a mesothelioma sufferer’s personal story, the history of asbestos use in American industry / manufacturing, and the latest developments in medical treatments for mesothelioma.

The scholarship money from the essay contest is one way the law firm encourages younger people to learn about the disease. The contest is also designed to generate enthusiasm by encouraging the public to support the entrants and their essays via Facebook. Through this outreach, our hope is that the contestants will spread the word about mesothelioma to family and friends, and expand the reach of mesothelioma awareness.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Essay submissions open: Mar. 7, 2017
  • Essay submissions close: Mar. 25, 2017
  • Essay judging complete: Apr. 15, 2017
  • Top 4 finalists notified: Apr. 20, 2017
  • Public voting period opens: Apr. 21, 2017
  • Public voting period closes: May 13, 2017
  • Winners contacted by: May 16, 2017
  • Winners announced: May 17, 2017

The Belluck & Fox Scholarship Essay Contest winners are as follows:

2012 Winners

  • $5,000 First Place: Betsy Warren, student at Rhode Island College
  • $2,500 Second Place: Kimberly McCauley, student at AIU
  • $1,250 Third Place: Kim Forgione, student at Pacific University College of Optometry
  • $500 Fourth Place: Kate Nadeau, nursing student at Rhode Island College
  • $250 Fifth Place: Allison Walker
  • $100 honorable mention winners: Jordeen Henry, Carla Patton, Brittany Brooks, Lisa Hu, and Rachel Norton.
  • Mini iPad Winner: Kim Forgione

2013 Winners

  • $5,000 First Place: Courtney Segmen, student at University of Michigan
  • $2,500 Second Place: Emily Garst, student at Virginia Tech
  • $1,250 Third Place: Karalee Collins, student at Duke University
  • $500 Fourth Place: Ashley Barasa, student at TAMU-CC
  • $250 Fifth Place: Michaella Hammersberg
  • $100 honorable mention winners: Erika Graham, Matthew Hassan, Devin Jurczak, Yesenia Leon, and Juliana Polson.
  • Mini iPad Winner: Maryam Khazraee

2014 Winners

  • $5,000 First Place: Jennifer Schnalzer, student at Rockland Community College
  • $2,500 Second Place: Fernando Salazar, Biology Major
  • $1,250 Third Place: Erienne Overli, student at University of Nevada in Reno
  • $500 Fourth Place: Justin Hellier, student at Irvine Valley College
  • $250 Fifth Place: Samantha Robeson, student at University of Delaware
  • $100 honorable mention winners: Travis Fergason, Kishan Patel, Ciara Speranza, Kellie Walsh, and Josh Page.

2015 Winners


  • $2,500 First Place: Kristyn Albert, student at Abilene Christian University
  • $1,250 Second Place: Jamila Reddy, student at California Institute of Arts
  • $750 Third Place: Ryan Scribailo, student at Purdue University
  • $500 Fourth Place: Sarah Dunbar


  • $2,500 First Place: Kennedy McAlpin, student at Western Kentucky University
  • $1,250 Second Place: Brianne Hoglin, student at Lipscomb University in Nashville
  • $750 Third Place: Michael Ellenberger, student at Washington University
  • $500 Fourth Place: Katie Keynton, student at University of Kentucky

2016 Winners

  • $2,500 First Place: Landon Poe, student at Abilene Christian University
  • $1,250 Second Place: Elena Corina Andriescu, student at University of Pittsburgh
  • $750 Third Place: Haider Zahabi
  • $500 Fourth Place: John Dreier, student at Boston University

For more information on the scholarship contest, please contact