What are the steps in Mesothelioma Lawsuits?

Mesothelioma Claim Procedure

Take the First Step in Claiming Financial Support

If you have been exposed to asbestos and now have mesothelioma, you have a right to seek money from the companies responsible for your illness. Here are several important points to keep in mind:

  • Any lawsuit is time sensitive, so it is important to act quickly.
  • The time limit for any lawsuit begins to run when you are diagnosed with your disease.
  • The deadline for filing a claim varies from state to state.
  • If you do not file suit within the specified timeframe, you will lose your rights to seek damages.

Step 1 – Initial Contact

Your first move should be to contact the mesothelioma claim lawyers at Belluck & Fox, LLP. Our goal is to ensure your claim is managed efficiently and professionally.  Why choose Belluck & Fox, LLP? We have won over $500 million in compensation for our clients and their families — including a $51.5 million verdict in a mesothelioma lawsuit.

We respond to all inquiries and can have one of our lawyers meet with you within 24 hours.

During our initial conversation with you, we will:

  • Tell you about our law firm;
  • Explain the legal process for a mesothelioma case;
  • Take a detailed work and medical history; and,
  • Answer your questions about mesothelioma.

There is no charge for the meetings and you are under no obligation to hire our firm.

Step 2 – Filing the Complaint

After researching and investigating the responsible companies, we file an individual legal claim on your behalf in a state court. These companies include manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and installers of asbestos materials. These companies are the defendants in your case.

We do not sue your employer(s), because this is generally prohibited by workers’ compensation laws. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants are responsible for manufacturing, selling and/or installing defective asbestos products and equipment, caused you to be exposed to asbestos and that they failed to warn you of the dangers of asbestos. The defendants have approximately one month to answer the allegations in your complaint.

Step 3 – Prosecuting The Case

The first consideration is your health. We will do everything possible to respect your privacy and minimize any further disruptions in your life. We will ask the court to advance your case quickly so we can assure you a fast resolution of your case, usually no longer than one year from the filing of the complaint.

Once the Court issues a schedule for your case, the discovery phase of your case begins. This means that we secure all of the evidence necessary to prove that the corporations we sued on your behalf are held responsible for your injuries.

As part of this process, you will testify at a deposition and answer questions about your background. We arrange for your deposition to be conducted at a location which is convenient for you, even, if necessary, at your home. Of course, Belluck & Fox will be present at every step of the process.

We also conduct a thorough investigation in your case, including talking to your co-workers, demanding documents from the asbestos companies and reviewing your medical history. We also hire medical and other experts to help us in the case.

We wish to emphasize that most, if not all, of the work required to prosecute your case is undertaken by Belluck & Fox, and does not require us to disturb you or your family.

Step 4 – Settlements

As the case progresses, some defendants may seek to resolve your case for fair value settlements. In many instances a case will settle your prior to the date that the trial is scheduled to begin.

Step 5 – Trial

If we do not receive a full and fair settlement for your claims, we will advise you of the options for trial. During the trial, we will present testimony and evidence in support of your claim. We will also have medical and other experts testify on your behalf. Belluck & Fox are experienced trial lawyers and will fully represent you and your family in every phase of the trial.

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