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Among construction workers, the danger of the industry’s “Fatal Four” accidents — fall injuries, electrocutions, struck by objects, caught-in/between — are always looming. These dedicated craftsmen are often working on tall scaffolding, heavy machinery, and sometimes in inclement weather conditions to build, improve or demolish buildings. In New York, the state provides special protections for these workers through Labor Law Section 240, often referred to as the Scaffold Law. This law allows workers who have suffered falls from scaffolding and other elevation-related injuries to pursue compensation from the parties that were responsible for their safety.

At Belluck & Fox, LLP, our New York construction accidents attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of construction workers who have been seriously injured in this type of workplace accident. Our aggressive attorneys have successfully recovered compensation from contractors and building owners who ignored their duties to protect employees from the dangers of working at high elevations. We believe that construction workers are the backbone of our great city, and we are relentless in our pursuit of justice for those who are injured on the job.

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