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Mechanic showing a used car extended warranty similar to the one in the Paylink class action lawsuit

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Endurance, and their financial partner Paylink, have allegedly signed people up for unauthorized withdrawals for extended warranties. After a client came to Belluck & Fox for assistance with the claim that she had been charged for a warranty she never agreed to, our award-winning legal team discovered many more complaints about these companies. There appears to be a pattern conduct that targets consumers, especially vulnerable groups including the elderly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Endurance Class Action Lawsuit

Which companies are being filed against?

Endurance is a provider of “vehicle service contracts,” which are also marketed as “extended warranties” or “extended coverage” warranties for automobiles. They also do business under other names such as “Department of Automobile Records,” “Automotive Services Department,” “Endurance Direct,” and “EWS.” PayLink, or Paylink Direct, is a financial service and transaction processor for the vehicle service contract industry, including Endurance. Each company acted as the agent of, or in partnership with, one another.

What are they being accused of?

The class action suit against Endurance and Paylink accuse the two companies of allegedly:

  • Misleading consumers to enter agreements for vehicle service contracts
  • Acquiring private banking and/or credit card information and/or withdrawing money for vehicle service contracts that were never agreed to (including overdrawing bank accounts, causing additional bank fees, and credit issues for consumers)
  • Refusing to cancel vehicle service contracts
  • Continuing to charge clients and/or non-clients after a cancellation
  • Deceptively misrepresenting affiliations with dealerships and other entities
  • Charging consumers more than agreed-upon prices for vehicle service contracts
  • Repeatedly charging customers after representing that the only charge would be a one-time payment to obtain a vehicle service contract
  • Charging non-customers for vehicle service contracts for vehicles that they do not own
  • Deliberately transacting business with vulnerable groups including the elderly and those living with a mental illness
  • Fraudulently inducing contracts for vehicle service contracts
  • Declining, disclaiming, or denying valid coverage for vehicle service contracts
  • Cancelling coverage after premiums have been paid
  • Other deceptive, predatory, and/or illegal business practices resulting in substantial financial losses to consumers
  • Refusing to provide refunds for all of these reasons.

We believe that Endurance and Paylink have been aware and received complaints from their actual and purported customers for years, but have may have continued to engage in the same deceptive and illegal behavior.

Who is included under the class action car warranty lawsuit?

While the lawsuit is filed in the name of a primary plaintiff, many others with similar complaints against Endurance and/or Paylink may be able to join the suit and benefit from a settlement. These include consumers who:

  • Have not sought vehicle service contracts but were nevertheless charged by Endurance and/or Paylink.
  • Were defrauded or misled into purchasing vehicle service contracts from Endurance and/or Paylink.
  • Were overcharged by Endurance and/or Paylink for vehicle service contracts.
  • Were provided poor or inadequate vehicle service contracts by Endurance and/or Paylink.

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What is an extended auto warranty?

Extended Warranty Neon SignAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, “a service contract is a promise to perform (or pay for) certain repairs or services. Sometimes called an “extended warranty,” a service contract is not a warranty as defined by federal law. A service contract may be arranged at any time and always costs extra; a warranty comes with a new car and is included in the purchase price. Used cars also may come with some type of warranty coverage.”

How do class action settlements work?

In a class action lawsuit, plaintiffs who suffered the same injuries due to a defendant’s actions or lack of actions come together in a single claim and are represented as a “class.” One or a few victims are chosen as the lead plaintiffs to represent the class of people who were injured. Lawyers work to notify people who had no initial role in the lawsuit to inform them that they could be beneficiaries in the claim. Cases are generally handled as class actions rather than as individual lawsuits to avoid a flood of smaller claims clogging up the court system.

Do I need to pay to be part of the class action lawsuit?

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