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Are you a mesothelioma “survivor?”

Many people who have had cancer describe themselves as survivors, or warriors of cancer. Some people  prefer “living with cancer.” A cancer survivor is a person with cancer of any type who is still living.

There are more people who are survivors of Mesothelioma than in the past. Some survivors jump out on social media, some are busy with fundraising continuing to try to advance treatment, others quietly lead their lives. Survivors come in many different faces. Yesterday I ran into a middle-aged woman who was a survivor. It has been many years since her initial treatment during which time she was very ill. She worked very hard and had her struggles, but seeing her now, one would never know of her battle with Mesothelioma. Today, from my observation, she is living her life and fulfilling her dreams. She has turned her hobby of art into a form of fundraising. She appears to be enthused about her new idea which creates double the excitement – she is a survivor of a rare disease, and she is trying to improve the lives of others who will battle this disease.

Getting diagnosed with Mesothelioma can be emotionally devastating, but for some, it has shown them something different. Not only do they want to live free from this disease but some want to make a difference for others. As earlier stated, some will jump out and announce what they are going to do while others will quietly lead by example. Some may connect with a new Mesothelioma patient and help coach them through the process. Despite what you do, the goal is to live. There are a million statistics out there regarding malignant mesothelioma, possibly more negative than positive, but be assured  there are survivors who are leading busy, productive lives. 

Some Individuals who have been faced with cancer prefer other terminology instead of  survivor. Some people use the word warrior, or plain and simple “badass.” People’s terminology is usually associated with their personality and their experience with cancer. Whatever the label you prefer no doubt cancer has changed your life and the lives of the people you love. Many people explain that they appreciate life more, they are more accepting of themselves. They also experience anxiety about their health and feel unsure how to cope with life after treatment. We have met many types of people who have shown us how they live their lives, not defined by a diagnosis. Whatever path they chose there is no right or wrong way, it is just the way it is. 

Whatever terminology you choose the best way to become that term is to get yourself to a Mesothelioma center. Your odds of beating this or treating this disease as a chronic illness are best fought when you are at a Mesothelioma Center of Excellence. Everyone wants to beat this disease, so reach out to make a phone call or email a healthcare professional with expertise in this field.  Find the professional group of caregivers who are consistently working and whose approach to treatment aligns with what the patient wants.

Whether you’re a survivor, warrior, or badass, Belluck & Fox can get you the information and justice you need. Reach out for a free consultation today.

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