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Has your property or liability insurance company denied you coverage?

If your insurance company did not live up to their promises and abandoned you as a policyholder when you needed it most, Belluck & Fox can help. Reach out today.

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People and businesses purchase insurance to protect their finances and property when the unexpected occurs. Belluck & Fox can help you navigate the complexities of insurance law and hold your insurer to its coverage obligations.

Insurance coverage disputes can arise in numerous contexts. Maybe a catastrophic event has damaged your home or business property and your insurer has refused to pay the full amount of your damages or lost business income. Perhaps you or your business is being sued and your insurer has refused to offer you a legal defense. In these situations, you can feel like you are fighting a two-front battle, being forced to deal with the financial hardship of the insurance loss and also having to fight your insurance company.

To make matters worse, insurance companies often unfairly take advantage of their policyholders in these situations knowing full well that if they simply “deny, delay, and defend” for long enough, most policyholders will eventually give up and accept a lesser payment of their claim. At Belluck & Fox, we know our clients deserve more, and will fight for justice to get you the maximum compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer to fight my insurance company?

Insurance companies are seasoned litigants and often use threats of litigation to deter policyholders from pursuing valid claims. Without a lawyer, policyholders often stand little to no chance of prevailing. A lawyer can help even the playing field in any dispute with an insurance company. The lawyers at Belluck & Fox are knowledgeable and can help you recover on your claim.

When should I contact an insurance claim lawyer?

Many if not all insurance policies contain provisions which dramatically limit the timeframe in which you are able to bring a lawsuit. Depending on the circumstances and the policy language, waiting a few days, weeks, or months can sometimes mean the difference between full payment of your insurance claim and no payment. We encourage potential clients to reach out as soon as possible after your insurance company denies coverage.

What should I do next?

Those who have had trouble getting compensation they deserve from their insurance companies should reach out to Belluck & Fox attorneys immediately for a free consultation on your legal options.

Why should I choose Belluck & Fox?

Belluck & Fox is a nationally recognized law firm that fights for its clients and their families as if they were our own. We don’t just know the law, in many cases we helped to write it. When you work with us, you start your journey with one of our firm’s partners, and have regular access to them or one of our experienced attorneys throughout the entire process. We have secured over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements holding corporations accountable.

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