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U.S. Veterans Have Been Exposed to Asbestos & Are Dying From Mesothelioma.

Our Attorneys Stand Up for Those Who Stood Strong for Our Country

Whether you served our country at sea, in the air, or on land, your risk of asbestos exposure is greater than that of many civilians. That’s because asbestos companies sold products containing the dangerous material to the U.S. military for decades without warning of the health hazards their products could cause.

If you or a loved one served in the military years ago but have just been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, you still have a right to pursue compensation for your illness. The nationally recognized asbestos lawyers at Belluck & Fox are dedicated to standing up for the rights of those who stood strong for our country. Our New York asbestos law firm is known for:

  • Securing more than $1 billion in compensation for asbestos victims and their families. Our skilled attorneys at Belluck & Fox have more than 20 years of experience crafting successful asbestos claims for deserving clients.
  • Focusing our efforts on complex asbestos claims. These complicated cases against large corporations are at the core of our firm. We have the resources and the experience to aggressively pursue justice for veterans who are suffering from asbestos-related diseases.
  • Showing the compassion patients and their families need. We are sensitive to your needs during this difficult time and will make the asbestos claims process as easy as we can. Our clients often express appreciation for our commitment to personalized service, with one family member telling us: “Thank you so much for your patience, expertise and endurance yesterday at my dad’s deposition. You handled him with care and were mindful of his needs.”
  • Having a VA-certified lawyer on staff to help with disability claims. This is a service that we offer for free to veteran clients who are pursuing asbestos claims.

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Veterans in Every Branch Were Exposed to Asbestos

asbestos claimsNavy veterans are most likely to be diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease. However, those who served in the Army, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard were also exposed to the dangerous material, the Department of Veterans Affairs warns.


Specifically, the VA notes that the asbestos exposure risk was greatest for those veterans who were involved in:

  • Working on ships or in shipyards
  • Working on equipment such as pumps and valves as a maintenance mechanic like aircraft mechanics
  • Working with boilers, engines, and turbines
  • Servicing friction products like brake linings and clutch facings
  • Working in construction or carpentry
  • Manufacturing and installing floors, roofs, cement, and pipe products

Asbestos-related diseases often take decades to develop, so veterans who were exposed many years ago may be just now facing a diagnosis of mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis. When you meet with our skilled legal team, we will thoroughly review your service history to determine when and where you were exposed, as well as what company (or companies) manufactured the asbestos products you worked with.

Learn more about Mesothelioma.

Compensation Is Available for Veterans

 Veterans who served in the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard may be entitled to compensation if they are suffering from an asbestos-related disease such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis. At Belluck & Fox, our dedicated New York asbestos lawyers frequently help clients demand full and fair compensation for:

  • Medical bills, including future health care expenses you may have as you continue to battle your condition
  • Lost wages, including diminished earning capacity if you have been working but are no longer able to return to the same job
  • Pain and suffering you have endured due to your illness

In addition to pursuing damages through a claim against the asbestos companies, our attorneys will work with you to file a claim for VA disability benefits.

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You Will Not Be Suing the Military

When you file an asbestos claim, you should understand that you are not taking action against the military or any of your commanding officers. Rather, you are filing a claim against the manufacturer(s) of the asbestos products or other companies that were responsible for selling these products to the military. These asbestos companies knew about the dangers of their products and failed to warn you about them.

To learn more about how the asbestos compensation process works, contact us now. We are here to answer any questions you have about your asbestos claim.

Let Our Asbestos Lawyers Fight for Justice for You

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease after serving in the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, or Air Force, you need to speak with our experienced attorneys at Belluck & Fox about your compensation options. Treatment for asbestos diseases is expensive, and the companies that put you in harm’s way should be held accountable.

At Belluck & Fox, our highly respected asbestos attorneys have spent more than 20 years demanding maximum compensation for veterans who were harmed by this dangerous material. And we stand ready to help you and your family now.

Our firm offers veterans a free initial consultation, in which we will discuss your case and outline your options for pursing compensation. We also understand the immense financial pressure that you and your family may be under, so we do not charge any legal fees to start your claim. Instead, we collect our fees only if and when we recover compensation for you.

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We put clients first. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer, we are here to help.

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