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Belluck & Fox Supports Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert

Belluck & Fox is proud to support the Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert (JALBCA). Charitable organizations are almost always founded out of passion, but sometimes that passion is joined by pain, love, and purpose. In 1992, a group of lawyers and judges impacted by breast cancer banded together to try to make a difference in the legal community and beyond. After seeing family members, friends, or in some cases, themselves, be affected by this disease, they knew that action was necessary.

The JALBCA started out small, by handing out educational literature at courthouses to anyone who would take them. Their early screening initiatives began by sponsoring mobile mammography vans, which helped serve not only legal professionals with busy schedules, but later included underinsured and uninsured women in need of screening.

Today, the mission remains the same, but has grown in its presence and accessibility. JALBCA continues its focus on funding breast cancer education initiatives, facilitating early detection and screening, and providing legal support services to impacted members of their profession and their communities. They have partnered with physicians to present conferences covering topics such as access to treatment, challenges and issues facing the search for a cure, and conflicts of interest arising in the research process. 

For over 30 years, JALBCA has maintained a unique place in the legal community, combining their life experiences and legal resources to give back. Their fierce commitment to helping get women the tools they need to combat this illness parallels the pledge we make to our clients to support them through legal services. Standing up for those in need is a cornerstone of our work, which is a purpose we see JALBCA accomplish through theirs as well.

As a group that also looks out for the health and wellbeing of its community, Belluck & Fox is proud to sponsor JALBCA’s work, and to support the mission JALBCA takes up every day, year after year, in the fight against breast cancer.

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