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Diseases Related to 9/11 First Responders and the Ongoing Impact

The devastating terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, not only claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people but also left a lasting impact on the health of the brave first responders who risked their lives to save others. Recently, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) announced a tragic milestone – the number of first responders who have died from illnesses related to 9/11 has reached the same number as those who lost their lives on the day of the attacks. This somber revelation serves as a stark reminder of the long-term health consequences faced by these heroic individuals.

The FDNY shared the heartbreaking news via an Instagram post by Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh (@fdnyfc). She revealed that two more first responders had succumbed to 9/11-related illnesses, bringing the death toll to 343. EMT Hilda Vannata lost her battle with cancer, while retired firefighter Robert Fulco died from pulmonary fibrosis. Both had spent significant time working in the rescue and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center site.

Commissioner Kavanagh expressed deep sorrow for the families of these fallen heroes and emphasized the responsibility the FDNY has towards its colleagues beyond the events of September 11th. She acknowledged that the toll of these illnesses on FDNY members continues to rise, with approximately 11,000 individuals suffering from World Trade Center (WTC)-)-related diseases, including 3,500 with cancer. The commissioner noted, ‘Our responsibility to our FDNY colleagues extends far beyond what we asked of them on September 11th and in the days and months that followed during rescue and recovery.’

The legacy of honor and promise created for the fallen heroes drives the FDNY’s advocacy for survivors. Commissioner Kavanagh vowed to continue pushing until all members receive the care they deserve for the rest of their lives. The FDNY’s dedication to their service and sacrifice is unwavering, and their promise to never forget them stands strong.

FDNY Fire Commissioner Kavanaugh closed her Instagram post by noting, ‘343 of our heroes lost in one day and today, 343 more. The FDNY will never forget them. This is our legacy. This is our promise.’ The diseases related to 9/11 first responders are a harsh reality that has unfolded in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. The toll on the health and lives of these brave individuals is a constant reminder of the sacrifices made that day and in the days and months that followed. We must continue to support and advocate for the survivors, ensuring they receive the care they deserve. The legacy of the fallen heroes must be honored by fulfilling the promise of lifelong care and support for those who risked everything to save others on that fateful day.

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