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Mesothelioma Experts Series – Asbestos Compensation Legal Issues with Joseph Belluck, Esq.

Watch Meet the Mesothelioma Experts presented by the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation.

Learn about Asbestos Compensation Legal Issues with Joseph Belluck, Esq. of Belluck & Fox LLP. Mr. Belluck provides expert advice on your most frequently asked questions about the legal process for mesothelioma patients.

Topics discussed:
0:00 – Introduction
03:57 – How do I choose a law firm? What are some considerations and questions to ask when interviewing law firms?
13:05 – How long should the entire legal process take?
17:41 – What if, after hiring a reputable law firm, the patient doesn’t hear back from them within the outlined timeline?
21:18 – What are the typical steps taken after a patient signs on with a law firm?
32:44 – How quickly after the process has begun should a patient expect to start seeing checks?
36:48 – How do bankruptcy trusts play into the legal process? At what point are they pursued?
40:57 – How much of the settlement ultimately goes to the patient? What fees are subtracted from the patient’s settlement portion?
– Expenses
– Medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid liens (subrogation)
– Settlement checks are not subject to income taxes
55:51 – If the originally hired law firm did not pursue the talcum powder claims on behalf of the patient, but the patient used talc, what options does the patient have?
59:19 – Does talc litigation require specialized expertise as compared to the more typical litigation?


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