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Olympian Accused of Sexually Abusing Syracuse HS Students

Sexual abuse is a serious offense, no matter when it happens. It was reported today in the Syracuse Post-Standard that 14 men have come forward accusing former olympian Conrad Mainwaring of sexual abuse in the 1980’s, seven of which were HS students at the time.

This is not the first time he’s been accused, as many abusers are repeat offenders.  He was charged in 2016 for similar actions in Los Angeles.

Under a new New York law, the statute of limitations on what these 14 men endured has been extended, so it’s not too late to seek justice. It is possible that others were abused  by Mainwaring, and that these revelations could encourage people who’ve been mistreated to hold him and the school districts responsible.

The Syracuse school district claims they knew nothing of the matter until these men came forward. Syracuse University, where Mainwaring was a student, says they contacted authorities as soon as they learned of the allegations tracing back to the 1980’s earlier this year.

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