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Skydiver accident victim that will need an injury lawyerThere are over 2,500 skydiving injuries each year according to the United States Parachute Association. Skydivers have the right to expect working safety equipment and adequate precautions to be followed. When there is not proper safety equipment or procedures, the consequences are death and serious injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skydiving Accidents

What is the cause of most skydiving accidents?

Most skydiving accidents are the result of improper training or supervision. As a result, skydivers collide with an obstacle, another skydiver, other items in flight or the ground. Gear malfunctions also occur. These could be the result of many issues including aging equipment, stalled parachutes, entanglement and failure to release. Lastly, with skydiving becoming more popular with people of all ages, there is increased risk of medical injury during flight such as heart attack or stroke if participants are not properly screened.

What kinds of skydiving can result in injury?

Accidents can occur across all types of skydiving. These include indoor skydiving accidents, tandem skydiving accidents, and even an aviation accident or airplane crash.

How many people die skydiving?

According to the USPA, about 21 people have died each year over the past decade in the United States from skydiving. In 2019 alone, there were 2,522 skydiving injuries reported that required a medical care facility. That makes for approximately one injury to every 1,310 skydives, and there are likely many more that go unreported.

People tandum skydiving with parachute openWhat should I do next?

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