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Why We Support the American Association for Justice

Earlier this year, Joe Belluck was designated as an AAJ Leaders Forum Benefactor. The American Association of Justice granted the title based on the “firm’s commitment to defending a strong civil justice system and support for AAJ.” We at Belluck & Fox don’t take these words lightly and make it our duty to defend our clients, their rights, and the justice system at large.

Forged from humble beginnings by a small group of trial lawyers in the 1940s, the AAJ was formed to ensure strong representation for victims of industrial accidents across the country. As the organization grew, participation by trial attorneys in other fields grew with it, covering maritime, railroad, and personal injury advocacies as well.

Though vast changes in names, headquarters, and influence have ensued over the organization’s 70+ year history, the mission has remained focused and principled – securing and promoting fairness and justice for victims, and providing education about public health and safety through a legal lens for general consumption.

The benefits are not just felt by injury victims; the AAJ provides its member attorneys and firms with a wealth of information and professional assistance from a global partnership of paralegals, attorneys, law students, and law professors.

All AAJ members must commit and adhere to the AAJ Code of Conduct and Professionalism, which outlines the legal and ethical requirements expected of them through their work. Putting the client first and representing them with honesty, decency, and compassion are the foundations of the Code, all of which are ideals that Belluck & Fox takes very seriously. 

Finding legal representation with strong ability and integrity can be an overwhelming task, especially in the complex arena of mesothelioma and asbestos exposure; but it is a task that Belluck & Fox strives to make easier for their prospective and current clients.

The Belluck & Fox team believes strongly in these principles, and we want what is best for our clients and their families each and every time we go to work for them. We believe an emphasis on honesty, timeliness, tenacity, and good communication amount to a winning formula for our clients, which are standards we have in common with the AAJ in the pursuit of justice.

Belluck & Fox is proud to stand with and for the AAJ, as we share their core mission to make fairness for injury victims the basis of our practice.

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