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Bike Accident and Injury Risks in NYC

According to the NYC DOT, nearly 4,500 bicyclists were injured in accidents involving a motor vehicle in 2017. Twenty-four of those bicyclists died.

Even though the risk of being injured while riding in NYC decreased dramatically between 2000 and 2017, there are still serious reasons to remain alert and careful while riding around the five boroughs.

In April 2019 cyclist Victor Ang, 74 at the time, was struck and subsequently run-over by a UPS truck. While the driver stayed at the scene and no charges have been filed, the incident highlights the risk bicyclists in NYC face each day as they ride to work, take care of family, or even just run errands.

According to the NY Post, Ang “sustained severe trauma to his body, including his legs.” Unfortunately it was reported that two months later, in June, Ang passed away as a result of the accident. As stated in his obituary, “he lit up every room he was in, and was known for his good sense of humor, his jokes, and laughter. He showed kindness to everyone around him.”

Even more troubling is that Victor is hardly alone. In July 2019 alone, we’ve learned of bicycle-related fatalities including Devra Freelander, a 28 year old artist struck by a cement truck in Brooklyn; and Moshe Wolpin, just 11 at the time of his accident, who recently passed as a result of injuries sustained when he was struck by a car on his way to school.


Here are some key tips for staying safe while riding a bike in New York City. While certainly not a guarantee, keeping these in mind can help avoid a serious injury.

  • Ride in the streets, not on the sidewalks, and always use the bike lane when one is available.
  • Go in the same direction as vehicle traffic, and signal for turns just like they do.
  • Follow all of the same warnings as vehicle traffic, like stop signs and traffic lights.
  • Make sure other drivers can see you – light, reflectors, bright colors – anything to make you more noticeable on the road.
  • Be very aware of pedestrians, car doors, and other obstacles on the road.
  • Stay alert – if music distracts you, avoid listening to it while riding.
  • Wear a helmet!


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