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Accidents Caused by Traffic Congestion and Rubbernecking

Accidents Caused by Traffic Congestion

While not everyone will admit it, we are all probably guilty of staring at an accident as we pass by. This act of taking your attention off of the road in front of you is often referred to as rubbernecking. While it can be tempting to see what is going on, it is crucial to realize that rubbernecking doesn’t just cause a slowdown in traffic. Drivers who become distracted by crash scenes could cause a severe accident themselves.

According to a study, 16% of all accidents are caused by rubbernecking drivers. This is problematic primarily because these collisions are entirely avoidable. If everyone paid full attention to the task of driving, traffic would move along smoothly and there would likely be fewer rear-end collisions caused by rubbernecking.

Is Rubbernecking Illegal in New York?

Distracted driving, which includes the act of rubbernecking, is a major problem on New York roads. While the state has taken steps to reduce certain types of distracted driving accidents by prohibiting drivers from using cell phones or electronic devices while driving, there are no regulations that directly govern rubbernecking.

However, all drivers have a basic legal duty to focus on the task of safely operating their motor vehicle at all times. It’s up to each driver on New York roads to pay attention and avoid this dangerous distraction while driving.

What Causes Traffic Congestion?

One of the main reasons why traffic is so congested in New York and in cities across the United States is that too many people need to be somewhere at the same times each day. People go to work, school, and run errands during the same hours, causing serious congestion problems in densely populated cities, suburbs and towns.

Most Americans live in low-density areas with few efficient public transportation options. Also, the convenience, flexibility, and privacy that personal vehicles offer are often a greater draw than public transit or carpooling options.

With nearly 90 percent of daily commuters in the U.S. using private vehicles and almost all of them needing to drive at the same times each day, it is no wonder that we report significant traffic congestion problems on a daily basis.

This underlying congestion problem only gets worse when some drivers slow down to check out a crash or other incident. Rubbernecking can cause chain-reaction traffic jams, as well as chain-reaction traffic accidents.

How Can Belluck & Fox Help Me?

The distracted driving accident attorneys of Belluck & Fox represent clients who were hurt in accidents caused by rubbernecking drivers in New York City and across the state. We know the devastating impact an accident can have on your health, your finances, and your family’s lives. Let our legal team help you seek the compensation you deserve if someone else’s negligence caused you harm.

There is never a fee to speak with us about your case. Contact us by phone or online now to schedule a confidential consultation about your best legal options.

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