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Serious Injuries

Belluck & Fox, LLP represents victims of serious accidents and injuries. Whether you were severely hurt at home, on the job, in your car, or elsewhere, our attorneys have the experienced needed to help victims recover money for medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing rehabilitation and adaptive living costs.

Personal injury claims typically involve defective products, toys, motor vehicle accidents, motorcycles, falls, and other injuries resulting from another’s negligence or unreasonable conduct. If an accident occurs involving a manufacturer’s product or on property owned by another, that manufacturer or property owner can be held liable in a court of law and be required to pay you compensation for your injuries.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can occur in the workplace, be caused by a motor vehicle accident or dangerous premises, or result from defective products, dangerous drugs, medical error and hazardous substances such as asbestos. The specific causes of serious harm are wide-ranging, as are the injuries themselves, which include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): TBI can have lifelong debilitating effects, leaving the victim in an unresponsive state or dramatically impacting employment, family, and all social aspects of life.
  • Spinal cord injury (paralysis): Complete spinal cord injury can leave the victim paraplegic (paralysis in the lower portion of the body) or quadriplegic (paralyzed from the neck down).
  • Amputations: Limbs can be amputated in an accident or crushed so severely that they must be medically amputated after an accident.
  • Severe burns and scarring: Severe burns can be both physically and emotionally devastating for the victim and lead to scarring and disfigurement, infection, multiple surgeries, infection, loss of mobility and even loss of a limb.
  • Dog attacks and mauling: Approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year – most of them children – and 27,000 undergo reconstructive surgery as a result.
  • Multiple fractures: Multiple broken bones from injuries can lead to serious and life-threatening complications such as vascular damage, disruption to the femoral artery, organ damage, pneumonia, respiratory problems, and infection.
  • Internal organ damage: Damage to internal organs can result from medical malpractice, construction accidents, car accidents, falls, and many other types of injuries.
  • Medical malpractice: Medical errors are a leading cause of injury and death in the U.S. Mistakes by physicians and other health workers contribute to as many as 400,000 patient deaths and millions of injuries each year.
  • Birth injuries: Medical errors during labor and delivery can cause serious and permanent injuries to the infant such as cerebral palsy and brachial plexus.

Serious Injury Claims

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If you have suffered a serious injury, it is important that you take immediate action. New York law imposes strict time deadlines on personal injury actions and if you fail to act in a timely manner, you may be barred from ever pursuing your right to compensation. In certain cases, New York law requires that an injured person give “notice” of their claim within a specific period of time or the claim will be barred.

If you have been injured and want to have your claim evaluated, talk to our dedicated personal injury attorneys at Belluck & Fox, LLP or you can visit or contact our New York City office today. We will provide you with fast, personalized and professional legal representation.