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Too many people have firsthand experience with slip-and-fall accidents and the resulting debilitating injuries that could have been avoided. If you are the victim of circumstances allowed or created by a property owner, you may be suffering both physically and financially.

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What to Expect After You Slip and Fall

Getting back up from a fall can take seconds if you’re lucky or years if you aren’t. Some people never stand on their own again, especially the elderly victims. The National Floor Safety Institute, a nonprofit group, warns that slip-and-fall accidents send more than 1 million people to emergency rooms every year and are the top cause of lost workdays.

Among the most common slip-and-fall injuries are:

Broken bones. Hands, wrists, and elbows often take a beating in a fall because they are used defensively, with breaks resulting. Hip and pelvis fractures also are common, especially among older victims. The National Floor Safety Institute says hip fractures typically are the most serious fall injuries “and lead to the greatest health problems and number of deaths.”

Even simple breaks that a cast and a little time can mend often result in long-term effects such as arthritis. Severe breaks can require reconstruction using metal plates, rods, and screws, with multiple surgeries possible. Tissue damage can yield deadly blood clots, and there’s a risk of potentially lethal infection.

Recovery can take months, with p