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Casa Della Mozzarella

In the Northernmost section of the Bronx lies “Little Italy” on Arthur Avenue. Here you can find a number of bakeries, delis and Italian eateries that specialize in fine fresh-made cuisine ─ tasty cannolis, pizzelles, lasagna and all the tastes of Italian-American fusion that define modern Italian cuisine. You can also find neighborhood grocery stores specializing in fresh tomatoes, garlic and the best Italian cheeses in the country.


Key Features of Belmont

The Belmont section is divided from the rest of the Bronx by the river, giving it its crescent-like shape. Most of the housing in the neighborhood is composed of massive five- and six-story apartment buildings, but there are also family homes in a variety of styles and Tudor and Art Deco apartment buildings as well.

Although the area is notable for its Italian heritage, over 50 percent of Belmont’s residents are Hispanic. For that reason, Belmont has become the center of the area’s Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Beyond that, many of the students of Fordham University reside in off-campus housing in Belmont.

Landmarks of Arthur Avenue

Cosenza's Fish Market-Arthur Ave Bronx NYCAt first glance, the Arthur Avenue area may appear unremarkable. However, that’s only true of those who aren’t major foodies. The area boasts some of the best fresh food, delis and grocery stores that New York has to offer. Fresh ingredients plus a skilled hand make for some of the top Italian restaurants in the city.

On Arthur Avenue, you’ll find a number of high-quality and low-cost places to purchase some of the best food in New York. That includes Teitel Brothers on the corner 186th Street and Arthur Avenue, which has been run by the same family for the past four generations. The Teitel Brothers website provides visitors with an interesting history of the grocery store that managed to become one of the most renowned sources of high-quality fresh Italian food.

If you’re looking for the finest cheeses, you can stop in the Casa Della Mozzarella, which features its signature hand-pulled mozzarella and an assortment of deli meats.

Then there is the Madonia Brothers Bakery, which features fresh cannoli and Italian cheese bread.
If you are interested in seafood, try Cosenza’s Fish Market, where you can purchase oysters by the — well — oyster. At around a dollar a piece, you can sit down and slurp directly from the shell.

The Arthur Avenue Retail Market lies at the center of all of it. Since 1940, the market has been providing Bronx residents with fresh produce for their meals. These and other shops in the area have been featured multiple times on the Food Network, making Arthur Avenue a hotspot for foodie tourists.

Non-Food-Related Landmarks in Belmont

The Belmont area boasts features other than food for locals and visitors to enjoy. That includes theOur Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church and a number of parks, one of which features a statue of Christopher Columbus.

On the edge of Belmont, you can find the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden.

History of Belmont

Jerome Park Reservoir

Like most of the Bronx, Belmont was farmland during the colonial era. The Lorillard family grew tobacco there, and after expanding, the area became known as the Belmont Estate.

In 1870, the city acquired part of the Belmont Estate that would turn into Bronx Park. The Lorillard family moved to New Jersey to grow tobacco, and the area would eventually form the streets that became the Belmont neighborhood.

Originally, the neighborhood was mostly Irish and German, but during the construction of the Jerome Park Reservoir, there was an influx of Italians to Belmont, which gave the neighborhood and Arthur Avenue the character it has today.

Interesting Facts about Belmont

  • Belmont has been home to a number of major celebrities. Those include Lana Del Ray, Chazz Palminteri and Anne Bancroft.
  • Don DeLillo, the American novelist who wrote the book White Noise and Underworld, is also from Belmont. Most of Underworld takes place on Arthur Avenue in Belmont.
  • A Bronx Tale takes place in Belmont even though the majority of the film was shot in Queens.
  • The Lady Gaga video Eh, Eh (Nothing Else to Say) is shot on Arthur Avenue.
  • In 2016, Arthur Avenue was named one of America’s “greatest streets” by the American Planning Association.
  • A scene from The Sopranos was shot in Mario’s Restaurant on Arthur Avenue.

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