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“A taste of the country and your business is still accessible.” That’s the motto of Fieldston, which exists as an enclave within Riverdale and forms a nexus between the Bronx and Manhattan. The area consists of about 260 single-family homes with the streets themselves privately owned.

While the majority of the city is laid out in a grid-like fashion, the developers of Fieldston rejected that model and decided to pave winding roads that left a taste of nature. In truth, Fieldston looks more like an affluent suburb with rural highlights than it does part of a major metropolitan area. The homes, which were developed in the early part of the 20th century, still have their original design and architecture.

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Key Features of Fieldston

To the south, Fieldston begins at Manhattan Parkway stretching west to Henry Hudson Parkway. To the east is Broadway. Fieldston has some of the largest houses anywhere in the City, with large open properties and rural features such as woods, ponds and creeks.

Fieldston also boasts some of the most prestigious secondary schools in the area, including Riverdale Country School, which is just outside Fieldston to the north.

History of Fieldston

Fieldston began as a residential development in the early 1900s. Originally the estate of Joseph Delafield, the land existed as a lime quarry where Delafield built his family home. Descendants of Delafield kept the land, building their own homes on the property.

However, in 1908, the subway station was built at 242nd Street. The Delafields, who had lived on the property for over 80 years, began developing the area as a residential hotspot. The pitch? Enjoy the beauty of the country while having easy access to your Manhattan business.

The land was developed into an exclusive private community that imposed architectural standards on those who developed their lots. To that end, it forbade apartment buildings and two-family homes, mandating that the homes built there were highly valued.

In 1920, roughly 80 lots had been sold, but purchasers were asked to buy at least three at a time. That did not make for very many homes. The Delafield family would eventually sell off the rest of its holdings, and residents formed the Fieldston Property Owners Association, raising money to buy the remaining lots. They fashioned new guidelines for potential buyers to follow and listed architects who were capable of fulfilling their design strictures.

Multiple architects designed homes for the privately owned neighborhood, and the detached homes of Fieldston were as diverse as their ideas concerning architecture. A majority of these homes were built prior to 1940, and in 2006, Fieldston was declared a historic district.

Residents of the district pay their dues to the Fieldston Property Owners Association, which plows the streets, maintains the trees and provides security for the community.

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