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It is frightening to think that products many women use every day, both on themselves and their babies, could cause cancer. However, for years, studies have been revealing links between the use of talcum powder products and ovarian cancer. Although the companies selling these dangerous talc-based cosmetic products have vehemently denied their link to cancer, the courts have sided with the victims in recognizing the seriousness of these claims, and Johnson & Johnson has now been ordered by a jury to pay millions of dollars in damages.

New York Attorneys Dedicated to Talc Cancer Victims

At Belluck & Fox, LLP, our attorneys have spent their careers fighting for cancer victims whose diagnoses can be traced to dangerous products such as benzene and asbestos. Our firm is dedicated to holding giant companies accountable for putting individual people and their families’ lives at risk. We have the experience and the resources, and we are fully prepared to seek justice for those who are battling ovarian cancer after being exposed to talcum powder.

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The Case Against Talc Products

Talc is a mineral that is mined throughout New York and the United States and is used to make talcum powder, a common ingredient in cosmetic products. Some talc naturally contains asbestos, which is a carcinogen known to cause the cancer mesothelioma. Although talc products containing asbestos have been banned in this country since the 1970s, other talc products are still commonly sold and used throughout the United States.

Over the past few decades, medical researchers have examined cases of women who used products containing talcum powder on their genital areas and later developed ovarian cancer. Although the results of these studies have been mixed, some have produced serious warnings.

For example:

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