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Every year, thousands of New Yorkers are injured or killed in highway collisions. Large trucks (whether they are commercial trucks or garbage trucks) are one of the greatest hazards on the highway, and truck driver negligence poses a serious threat to even the most careful motorists.

If you have been severely injured or someone you love has died as a result of a negligent truck driver, you need aggressive representation from skilled New York auto accident lawyers. At Belluck & Fox, we have been fighting for the rights of accident victims for more than 20 years, and we have recovered more than $1 billion for our deserving clients and their families.

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Truck Accident Negligence Attorneys Discuss Types of Neglect

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Although there may be many factors that lead to truck accidents, perhaps the most common is simply truck driver error and negligence. Some of the types of truck driver negligence our legal team frequently sees include:

18 Wheeler Accident Negligence Lawyers Get Compensation for Distracted Driving

Most large trucking companies now completely ban the use of a handheld device for all drivers, employees and contractors alike. Some even prohibit their drivers from talking on hands-free or Bluetooth devices. The fact is, a person should not be operating a massive semi tractor-trailer combination vehicle on a busy highway full of innocent people, while also trying to carry on a telephone call or text message someone. It is completely reckless.

Some of the more common distractions include:

  • Phone calls

  • Text messages

  • Smoking

  • Eating and drinking

  • Grooming

  • Operating Qualcomm or in-cab communication devices

  • Reading maps or directions

  • Using CB radios and other devices

  • Listening to or adjusting music

Sadly, many drivers become complacent and casual about distractions in their truck cab. When a person drives as much as truck drivers do, it can be very easy to become overconfident about one’s own abilities. Drivers often become almost numb to their distractions.

A truck cab can feel completely different from a typical passenger car. A driver has much more room and can begin to “feel” like he or she is not really driving. This can lead truckers to do things they normally would not do if driving a smaller vehicle.

Truck Accident Negligence Lawyers Find Falsified Documentationpersonal injury lawyers in NY

As all professional truck drivers know, a trucker’s job entails a lot more than just steering the wheel. There are tons of other tasks that are just as important to professional and safe performance. These can include:

  • Pre-trip inspections

  • Post-trip inspections

  • Maintenance logs

  • Driver logs

  • Shipping papers

  • Bills of lading

  • Customer receipts

  • Phone logs

  • Lumper bills and receipts (people hired to load or unload)

  • Tarping (flatbed loads)

  • Strapping and securing open loads

Like any job, record keeping is important. If a driver falsifies documentation of maintenance, loads, mileage, inspections, and so forth, it can create a situation where a fatigued and ill-prepared driver is hauling an unsafe and uninspected load in a poorly maintained vehicle. All of these can spell disaster.

18 Wheeler Accident Negligence Lawyers Find Violations of Basic Driving Rules

Just like all drivers, professional truck drivers must obey the rules of the road at all times. However, when a truck driver is operating a 40-ton vehicle with hazardous materials, violating the rules of the road can prove deadly.

Some common and simple infractions include:

  • Speeding

  • Tailgating

  • Reckless or improper turns

  • Turning without signals

  • Illegal or unsafe U-turns

  • Driving without headlights, brake lights, or running lights

  • Improper lane use

When truck drivers ignore basic traffic laws, they don’t just risk their loads or their jobs; they risk the lives of innocent people all around them.

Truck Accident Neglect Lawyers Find Unsafe Operation

Not all unsafe actions are the result of breaking the law. In other words, just because it’s legal does not mean it’s safe. A speed limit through the mountains might be 55 MPH, but for a fully loaded truck on a rainy day with poor visibility, it might be safer to travel 35 MPH or even less in icy or snowy conditions.

The fact is that depending on the weather, the slope and grade of the road, and the relative visibility, a truck driver should adjust to the current conditions in order to ensure he or she can keep the vehicle under complete control. Trying to beat the clock or race to make a delivery in poor road conditions is one of the leading causes of crashes.

18 Wheeler Negligence Attorneys Look Into Fatigue and Poor Driver Health

Fatigue has always been one of the top causes of truck accidents. Something as simple as rest can be a commodity for the professional driver. Long hours, hard work, dreary and lonely conditions, and a generally stressful workplace (the highway) can all make a truck driver tired. Many truck drivers struggle with obesity, smoking, heavy caffeine use, and sleep apnea. These conditions can also lead to poor or inadequate sleep, and therefore fatigue.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry creates a complete financial incentive for drivers to drive well beyond their physical and mental limits. Regardless of federal and state hours of service requirements, drivers are often under a lot of pressure to “bend the rules” to get as many miles as possible. Lack of sleep and poor health often lead drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. This is one of the most frequent causes of fatal trucking accidents. Recently, commercial trucks are not the only cases noted. Even garbage truck accidents have become common as well.

Truck Driver Use of Drugs or Alcohol Can Cause a Truck Accident