Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

With the largest municipal and regional economy in the United States, it is no surprise that a significant amount of commercial truck traffic comes through New York City. Companies all over the country are regularly delivering goods to and transporting property from the New York area using large semi-trucks.

The increased presence of semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles on roads in New York can make for congested roadways and increase the risk of severe crashes. When a semi-truck is involved in any kind of accident, its sheer size and weight usually mean that occupants of other vehicles will be severely or possibly even fatally injured.

If you suffered severe injuries or your loved one was killed in a semi-truck crash in New York, contact a lawyer who has what it takes to get you the compensation that you deserve. The skilled semi-truck accident lawyers at Belluck & Fox have recovered over $1 billion for our clients, and we’re ready to put our experience to work on your case.

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Who Is Liable for a Semi-Truck Accident?

Crashes that involve semi-trucks are different from typical car crashes because the driver involved is not always the only liable party. Unlike most traditional automobile accident claims in which one driver’s insurance company usually covers all of the damages involved, a commercial truck crash could possibly involve multiple parties that could be responsible for a victim’s injuries.

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