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Honeywell – MA

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History of Honeywell

After inventor Albert Butz transferred ownership of his company to an Indiana law firm in 1888, his collection of patents was later sold to W.R. Sweatt, who bought out the shares of the remaining investors. Mark Honeywell created his company in 1906 in order to sell the mercury seal generator he had invented. Sweatt soon merged his company with Honeywell’s in 1927 to create the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company, the first step in a long history of innovation and invention.

Honeywell began distributing its products internationally in the 1930s through the onset of World War II, including in Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. After being approached by the United States military to take on manufacturing projects for the war effort, the company developed several military innovations including an autopilot system, a submarine periscope system which improved upon the existing designs, submarine missile systems, and control panels/instruments for several military vehicles. Honeywell continued its development of military technology through the Vietnam War, while also focusing on consumer goods such as photography equipment, specifically cameras, home security systems, computer disk drives, and home thermostats. These product line investments carried through the late 1990s and early 2000s. Honeywell was acquired by Allied-Signal in 1999, but the Honeywell name was maintained for brand recognition.

Asbestos Use at Honeywell in Massachusetts

With a portfolio of industries and operations as broad as Honeywell’s, and with a concentration on profits over precautions, it is no surprise that there has been substantial exposure to asbestos at Honeywell manufacturing facilities. Allied-Signal’s NARCO subsidiary made asbestos-containing refractory materials such as bricks, cement, and ceramics that were designed to resist high temperatures and used in numerous industrial applications. Specific NARCO products that contained asbestos include Aerogun, Narcocast, Narcogun, Narcolite, Narmag, and Unicote.

Another subsidiary, Bendix, manufactured brakes and related parts, which were notoriously manufactured with asbestos since it was an inexpensive and widely available insulator against heat. Further, due to its decades of work with the United States military, fabricators and other assembly and manufacturing workers were exposed to asbestos on a near constant basis when building components for aircraft and road vehicles. Asbestos was a key ingredient not only in equipment and machinery as an insulator, but also in gaskets, pipes, electrical wiring, paint, and other assembly and finishing materials. Broadly, the manufacturing facilities themselves which generated Honeywell’s business were prime locations for asbestos exposure, as factories and plants built before 1980 contained multitudes of construction materials laden with asbestos, such as concrete, pipes used for plumbing, gas, and steam, electrical wiring, floor tiles, and more.

Honeywell Mesothelioma Trust Fund & Lawsuits

A trust was established to resolve the bankruptcy of Honeywell’s former subsidiary, North American Refractories Co., (NARCO), as well as handling payouts of asbestos claims. To date, the fund has paid out over $523 million in asbestos-related claims. Worksites covered under the NARCO trust include:

  •       American Thermogen Co. – Whitman, MA
  •       Bay State Fire Brick Co. – Springfield, MA
  •       Bwana Industries, Inc. – Springfield, MA
  •       Eastern Bridge Supply Co., Inc. – Worcester, MA
  •       Kesseli & Morse Co. – Worcester, MA
  •       Monsanto Chemical Co. – Everett, MA
  •       Moore Drop Forging – Springfield, MA
  •       New Bedford Defense Products – New Bedford, MA
  •       W.C. Norcross Co. – Boston, MA

Lawsuits against Honeywell and Bendix regarding asbestos-related personal injury took place in several states, including Arkansas and California, resulting in over $80 million in judgments for surviving family members of former employees or customers of brakes and brake products produced by the companies. Honeywell sold the Bendix company, as well as Garrett Motion Inc., in an attempt to remove themselves from liability over the asbestos claims.

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