NYC Taxi Accident Attorneys

What to Do in a Car Accident with a Taxi

Being injured in any type of auto accident can be a terrifying and life-changing experience. If you’re a passenger in a taxi cab, what are your legal rights? There are many steps to take when involved in a New York City taxi accident. The car accident attorneys at Belluck & Fox are here to help you through this legal battle and claim the compensation you deserve.

What Are My Rights as a Passenger?

People catch cabs for many reasons. Maybe it’s convenience. Perhaps they’ve been out enjoying a night on the town and wish to be responsible. Or maybe they took a cab to avoid having to navigate downtown streets in their own vehicles. Whatever your reason for using a taxi, you have a right to expect that you will be in a cab operated by a safe and careful driver. Here are some basic rights you have as a passenger:

  • You have the right to a sober taxi driver
  • You have the right to ask to terminate the ride at any time
  • You have a right to report a driver who is unsafe, intoxicated or violent
  • You have a right to call the police and report an accident, no matter what a taxi driver might say
  • You have a right to be compensated for injuries you sustain due to a negligent or careless taxi driver

Who Is Liable?

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