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Albany Car Accident Lawyers

auto accidents in New York

After a serious car accident, you and your family can face staggering medical bills, a sudden drop in income, and months or even years of pain and suffering.

The Albany personal injury lawyers at Belluck & Fox are determined to fight for the full compensation you need to get your life back on track. Our respected attorneys have more than 25 years of experience in successfully holding at-fault parties accountable. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s negligence.

Auto accident victims throughout the Capital District choose Belluck & Fox to handle their car accident claims because:

  • Our relentless litigators have won more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for our injured clients. That success has earned Belluck & Fox many peer and professional honors, including accolades from Martindale-Hubbell, Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers, as well as Largest Verdicts of the Year recognition from the National Law Journal.
  • Our dedicated Albany car accident law firm crafts savvy legal strategies based on in-depth research and solid evidence. Over the years, our firm has selectively built a strong team of medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists and financial professionals who can pinpoint how your crash occurred, how badly you were hurt and how your life will be affected in the future.
  • Our attorneys are tough on negligent companies and individuals but sensitive to our clients. We understand the challenges you face and are mindful of your profound emotional and physical struggles. At Belluck & Fox, our attorneys go to great lengths to take as much of the burden off you as possible.

If you or a family member has been seriously hurt in a crash in Albany, Latham, Schenectady, Troy or Saratoga Springs, contact the skilled NY car accident injury attorneys at Belluck & Fox today. We do not charge anything to start working for you, and our no-fee case evaluation carries no obligations. You only pay legal fees if and when we recover compensation for you. Please call us at (518) 621-2699 or fill out our online form today.


Why You Need an Albany Car Accident Attorney After a Crash

After a serious Albany auto accident, you may be overwhelmed just struggling to get through each day and coping with your injuries. You should not have to track down evidence or battle with an insurance company over the compensation you deserve. That’s our job.

At Belluck & Fox, our skilled Albany car accident attorneys:

  • Identify all possible sources of compensation. That could mean, say, pursuing payment from the manufacturer of a defective auto part that led to your collision, or tapping into your uninsured motorist coverage (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage.
  • Gather extensive documentation to support your compensation claim. Our detail-oriented attorneys will compile police reports, medical records, witness statements, proof of lost income and any other evidence needed to support your claim.
  • Build a strong case with in-depth understanding of New York State accident laws. New York is a “comparative fault” state, which means the opposite party may try to argue that you were partially at-fault in order to reduce the compensation you receive. That’s why we’re tenacious in showing the other party’s negligence.
  • Manage all communication with the at-fault party or parties and the insurance companies. We are fierce in negotiating with those who may try to pressure our clients to take low-ball settlements.
  • Ensure time doesn’t run out on your claim. New York State has a strict statute of limitations, or time limit, on how long you have to file a car accident lawsuit. Our attorneys are careful to meet all deadlines in your compensation claim to keep it moving forward.

New York Vehicle AccidentsNew York is a “no-fault” state, meaning that regardless of who is at fault for your crash, you usually go through your own insurer to file compensation claims. That said, you may have the right to pursue additional damages from the at-fault party depending on how severe your injuries are. The skilled accident attorneys at Belluck & Fox will discuss all the details of your case to develop the best plan to pursue maximum compensation.

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Why Choose Belluck & Fox for Help with Your Albany Car Accident Claim?

  • High-quality Albany car accident lawyers with more than two decades of experience

  • Excellent track record of success, securing more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts

  • Top-rated Albany personal injury law firm, highly recommended by trusted legal professionals and satisfied clients

  • No fee unless we recover compensation for you

Types of Compensation You Can Pursue After an Albany Car Accident

When the attorneys at Belluck & Fox take on your case, we are completely committed to recovering full financial compensation for you. Although money can’t reverse your injuries and what you’ve experienced, it can lessen the financial burden on you and your family.

Our Albany motor vehicle accident attorneys frequently fight for:

  • Compensation for lost income, as well as your reduced future earning potential
  • Payment for past, current and future medical costs
  • Reimbursement for damage to your vehicle
  • Awards for pain and suffering your injury has caused

In some cases, victims may also be awarded punitive damages in an effort to punish the at-fault party for extreme misconduct.

Let us evaluate your case to give you a true picture of the compensation you deserve. Contact our car accident attorneys in Albany now to get started.

What You Need to Know About Dealing with an Insurance Company After a Crash in Albany

  • Insurance ClaimIf you plan to seek compensation for your collision, you are obligated to tell your insurer within a certain amount of time, usually outlined in your policy. However, you are required to give only basic information, such as when and where the auto accident occurred and who was involved.
  • When speaking with your insurance company, do not give a recorded statement, and do not admit fault. Insurance adjusters are known for leading crash victims to say things that could come back to haunt them. The best way to protect yourself and your case is to stick to the basics, and direct any additional questions to your Albany auto accident attorney.
  • If the other driver’s insurance company contacts you, refer all calls and questions to your attorney. You don’t have to explain anything to another driver’s insurance company.
  • Do not accept any settlement offer or sign any paperwork without speaking to one of our knowledgeable auto accident lawyers in Albany. Like most other businesses, auto insurance operates for a profit. Insurance providers often do whatever they can to minimize their payouts, including making low compensation offers and playing hardball with crash victims. Insurance companies have lawyers to protect their interests. You deserve that, too.
  • Most cases settle before going to trial or reaching a verdict, although some car accident settlement offers arrive at the last possible minute. Every case is different, and the circumstances dictate how best to proceed in negotiating with the insurance company. The dedicated attorneys at Belluck & Fox ensure that you’re prepared for whatever path your case takes, just as we always prepare to take a case all the way to a jury.

Statute of Limitations on Car Accident Claims in New York

New York State law specifies a three-year statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit to pursue compensation for injuries or property damage resulting from a car crash. While that might seem like a large window of time, there are many shorter deadlines to meet along the way. Plus, our attorneys will want to begin investigating your crash as soon as possible to collect valuable evidence before it is lost or destroyed.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Albany?

Belluck & Fox handles vehicle collision cases on a contingency-fee basis. This means you do not have to pay us to begin working for you. Our law firm collects legal fees only if and when we recover money for you. Our attorneys’ fee would be a percentage of your total compensation.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Albany, N.Y.

Although every case we handle is different, there are some common causes of car wrecks in Albany and the Capitalnew york car accident attorney Region. These include:

New York traffic crash statistics can be unsettling, especially when you consider that behind each number is a person and a family whose lives have been forever changed. Our compassionate staff at Belluck & Fox is committed to treating every client with the personalized attention you deserve. You are not a statistic or a claim number to us. You’re a person who is hurting and deserves justice.

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Time is always a factor in cases involving car wrecks. Evidence disappears and memories fade with each passing day. If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a crash, you need to speak with our experienced Albany law firm as soon as possible.

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Please call us at (518) 621-2699, or visit our Albany law office at 646 Plank Road, #105, Albany NY 12065. If you’re unable to travel, an attorney can meet with you at your home, at a hospital or any other convenient location.