Albany Workers Compensation Lawyer

A workplace injury can affect your life for years, whether you spend your days at a construction site or inside an office. Serious workplace injuries caused by defective equipment, improper safety protections and repetitive strain on the body are a tragic reality for workers regardless of occupation. These injuries can leave people unable to support themselves and their families, with devastating long-term consequences.

At Belluck & Fox, LLP, our Albany work injury attorneys have extensive experience in representing people who have been hurt on the job. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers have successfully recovered more than $1 billion for individuals and families throughout the Capital District and across the State of New York. We are committed to holding negligent corporations accountable when workers are unjustly injured.

If you or a family member has been injured on the job, contact our workplace accident lawyers in Albany today by calling (518) 621-2699 or by filling out our online form. We will review your claim at no cost to you and discuss all of your options for pursuing fair compensation for your injuries.

Know Your Albany Workplace Injury Rights

As a worker, you have specific rights under the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, specifically, how your employer must provide an environment “free of known health and safety hazards.” If you are injured on the job in Albany, you have a legal right to compensation through a number of sources:

  • Workers’ Compensation: Seek medical treatment as soon as you are hurt on the job and report your injury to your employer to start the workers’ compensation claim process. This process can seem daunting