Claxton Asbestos Company

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In 1928, the Claxton Asbestos Company was founded in Buffalo, New York. The company sold, distributed, and installed asbestos insulation products throughout Western New York. In 1959, the company was sold and renamed the Claxton Asbestos Company, Inc. In 1982, the company again underwent a name change to Claxton Industries Inc. The company was dissolved in 1998.

Before the late 1970s, using asbestos in the construction industry was commonplace. Claxton installed asbestos products in commercial and industrial buildings. The company was a distributor for the Keene Corporation in Western New York and bought asbestos insulation from other local distributors.

The Claxton Asbestos Company performed insulation work at the Bethlehem Steel Lackawanna Plant, Ashland Oil, National Aniline, and Niagara Mohawk stations. Claxton’s insulation materials were used at job sites across Western New York.

Many individuals who worked for and around the Claxton Asbestos Company are being diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer.

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