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Hysol Asbestos Exposure

Hysol Aerospace & Industrial Adhesive Co. manufactured asbestos-containing epoxies used by the aerospace industry until 1987. Formerly a division of Dexter Corporation, Hysol was sold in 2000 to Loctite Corp., a U.S. affiliate of the German chemical company Henkel. Dexter Hysol operated a manufacturing plant in Olean, New York, until 2010.

Belluck & Fox has successfully won claims for compensation against Hysol on behalf of asbestos victims.

We have records showing how and where workers were exposed to asbestos in the Hysol factory, as well as what products put aircraft mechanics at risk after they went to market.

If you worked at Hysol in Olean or used Hysol aerospace adhesives and have been diagnosed with an asbestos disease, please contact Belluck & Fox for a free consultation to learn about your legal rights.

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About Hysol Asbestos Products

The aerospace industry used asbestos in highly specialized applications, including sealants, epoxy adhesives and coatings. Asbestos was added as a filler to these products due to its excellent heat-resistant properties. Depending on the product’s use and military specifications, asbestos content varied between 5 and 20 percent.

Hysol Aerospace & Industrial Adhesives was a manufacturer of asbestos-containing adhesives. In 1987, Hysol began substituting a proprietary silica formulation in place of asbestos.

An example of asbestos-containing Hysol epoxy was Hysol EA 9309.2. Used to bond metal skins and honeycomb core, this was a two-part product with an epoxy paste (Part A) and a liquid curing agent (Part B). The two parts were mixed before application to the surfaces to be bonded.

Another Hysol asbestos-containing epoxy was EA 934-NA. This was used in the manufacture of aircraft. At some aircraft plants, Hysol two-part asbestos epoxy was used to install mating fastener plugs into sandwich panels. Holes were drilled into the panels, then inserts were pressed into the panel. Hysol asbestos epoxy was injected into fill holes, and when the epoxy cured, the area was sanded to create a smooth finish, releasing asbestos dust into the air.

Hysol Products and Asbestos Exposure

Hysol workers asbestos exposureAircraft mechanics who worked with and around asbestos-containing Hysol adhesive products are at risk of developing mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis diagnosis.

Dexter Hysol and Henkel Corp. have faced numerous asbestos lawsuits filed by aircraft mechanics who claim they were exposed to asbestos dust while using Hysol products and developed an asbestos disease as a result.

In lawsuits, plaintiffs say they were exposed to asbestos dust from Hysol products when the products were sanded, cleaned or otherwise disturbed during routine aircraft maintenance.

Due to the use of Hysol asbestos products during aircraft production, aerospace plant workers may also have been exposed.

Exposure to Hysol asbestos products occurred in both the private sector and in the military. For example, a 2014 lawsuit alleged that a former U.S. Navy mechanic developed mesothelioma after using Hysol asbestos-containing adhesive products. And an electrical technician in the aerospace industry alleged that she was exposed to Hysol asbestos adhesives from 1982 to 1987.

Even if workers did not directly handle asbestos adhesive products, they may have been exposed as bystanders to dust created from work in their vicinity, such as sanding cured asbestos epoxy.

Belluck & Fox has complete records of where, when and how Hysol asbestos-containing products were used. If you maintained or manufactured aircraft and have been diagnosed with an asbestos disease, we can help you pursue maximum compensation for your illness. Schedule a free consultation.

Asbestos Exposure at Dexter Hysol in Olean, New York

Hysol was founded in Olean, New York, in 1948 by Russ Houghton. Hysol merged with Dexter Corporation in 1967 and continued to operate as a division of the company under the Hysol name. Dexter Corp. sold the plant to Loctite Corp., a division of Henkel Corp., in 2001.

Henkel sold the plant in 2010 to a group of local investors that now operates it under the name SolEpoxy, Inc. The Hysol name was sold to a Chinese conglomerate in 2017.

Workers at the Dexter Hysol plant in Olean may have been exposed to asbestos used in the manufacture of epoxy and adhesive products. They may also have been exposed to asbestos used in factory equipment and building materials, such boiler, pump and valve insulation; gaskets and packing material; wall and ceiling plaster; and fireproofing material.

Belluck & Fox has comprehensive records of asbestos use at Dexter Hysol in Olean. Former plant workers exposed to asbestos diagnosed with an asbestos disease are encouraged to contact us immediately to learn about their legal options.


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