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St. Regis Paper

Did you work at St. Regis Paper? Diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer?

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In 1899, George Sherman and David Anderson founded St. Regis Paper. In 1901, a mill was built in Deferiet, New York. The Village of Deferiet was also constructed by St. Regis to act as a company town for the paper mill’s laborers. At its peak, the mill had 900 employees. St. Regis produced many different kinds of paper but was most well-known for producing newsprint. In 1984, Champion-International acquired the mill. Fifteen years later, the Deferiet Paper Company purchased the mill. In 2004, the mill closed and in 2011, it was demolished.

Unfortunately, many of our clients who worked at St. Regis Paper are now being diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer. Before the 1970s, boilers and steam pipes were coated in asbestos insulating cement, pipe covering, and block insulation. Valves and pumps were also coated in asbestos materials. Laborers who were tasked with repairing and replacing the steam system regularly removed and reapplied asbestos insulation.

To prevent leaks, valve stems and pump shafts were coated in asbestos packing material. Laborers regularly tore apart the asbestos material using a packing puller. New asbestos was then cut to size and installed. Asbestos gaskets were also used to seal flanges on pipes, pumps, and valves. These gaskets were cut from big sheets of asbestos material. These procedures caused asbestos to be emitted into the air and inhaled by laborers.

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