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Pfaudler Inc

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Based in Rochester, N.Y., Pfaudler Inc. is a process solutions company that serves the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well other industries around the world. Its founder’s original invention of glass-lined steel was intended to be used in the beer fermenting process. However, the material proved to be suitable for a variety of processes, and the company quickly expanded into numerous industries.

Pfaudler and Asbestos Exposure

People who worked at the Pfaudler plant on West Avenue in Rochester may have been exposed to asbestos through the manufacturing process or while performing maintenance or repair operations.

Those who worked with or around furnaces, boilers, pipes, pumps, valves, gaskets, packing or blankets within asbestos companies were at risk of inhaling or ingesting microscopic asbestos fibers. However, anyone in the Rochester facility could have been exposed to asbestos dust in the air.

Pfaudler also sold asbestos containing tanks for use in chemical and other plants around the United States. If you have worked with or around a Pfaudler tank or other asbestos product have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, or lung cancer, you are entitled to asbestos lung cancer compensation.

Belluck & Fox, LLP Represents Former Pfaudler Workers with Mesothelioma

Many people worked at the Pfaudler plant in Rochester without knowing that the asbestos-containing materials around them posed a threat to their health. Now, former Pfaudler plant workers exposed to asbestos are coping with diagnosis of mesothelioma and otherasbestos diseases.


If you or a family member has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer or asbestosis, you need to talk with a highly respected New York mesothelioma lawyer at Belluck & Fox, LLP today. Our nationally recognized lawyers have in-depth knowledge of where asbestos exposure occurred at the Pfaudler factory in Rochester.

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History of Pfaudler

In the 1880s, German brew master Casper Pfaudler was experimenting with ways to make the beer fermentation process quicker by using a vacuum. As part of this experiment, in 1884, Pfaudler invented a process for glass-lining steel for use in fermentation equipment. It was at this point that Pfaudler Vacuum Fermentation Process Company was born.

Pfaudler’s vacuum fermentation process did not prove successful. However, the glass-lined steel, now known as Pfaudler’s Glasteel, became a popular material in equipment used to store, bottle, and transport beer. Many other industries also found the Glasteel useful due to its cleanliness and corrosion-resistant properties, and soon the company was expanding.

In 1903, Pfaudler built a plant on West Avenue in Rochester, N.Y., and changed the company’s name to simply Pfaudler Company. In 1906, the company experienced a pivotal moment in its expanding operations with the passage of the U.S. Pure Food & Drug laws, which created a demand for the company’s sanitary Glasteel equipment in the food and dairy industries.

PfaudlerThe 1920s brought another period of growth for the company as the emerging chemicals industry created a demand for glass-lined steel in process equipment. Through the 1930s and 1940s, the company introduced innovations in the fabrication of chemical process equipment, using zirconium, tantalum, and titanium. It also created the first agitated Glasteel reactor.

During World War II, Pfaudler contributed to war efforts with the creation of stainless steel tanks and large glass-lined polymerization reactors to process synthetic rubber. Its equipment was also used by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to produce antibiotics, insulin, and vaccines.

As its operations grew, Pfaudler expanded its international reach. In 1994, the company was acquired by Robbins & Myers, and in 2014, it became part of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG Fund VI.


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