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Ithaca College

Did you work at Ithaca College? Diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer?

You may be entitled to receive compensation. Mesothelioma and lung cancer victims & their families have been awarded over $1 million+ from easy access to funds. Call us today to apply.

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Over the past 20 years, we've helped 1,000s of families claim the compensation they deserve with no upfront costs to them.

Ithaca College was founded in 1892 as a music conservatory. It is currently a liberal arts college with 100 degree programs and five schools. There are approximately 6,200 undergraduate students at Ithaca College and Gyms, administrative offices, laboratories, dormitories and lecture halls make up 90 buildings over 650 acres of land. Before the 1970s, asbestos was used to construct and maintain the buildings at Ithaca College.

Fireproof insulation coated the structural steel of the buildings at Ithaca College. This insulation was produced from a dry mixture, mixed with water, and sprayed with a hose onto the structure of the buildings. Asbestos insulation was also used as pipe covering and insulating cement. Asbestos was used because it trapped heat inside the steam system. While repairing and replacing this insulation, asbestos fibers were agitated and emitted into the air to be inhaled by employees.

Unfortunately, many laborers who worked at Ithaca College are now being diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer.

At Belluck & Fox, our nationally recognized asbestos attorneys have extensive experience fighting for families and workers exposed to asbestos. We are proud to have secured more than $1 billion so far for asbestos victims and their families.

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