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Burns and Roe

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Burns and Roe

Burns and Roe was founded in 1932 with the goal of providing quality design and engineering services for large utilities such as power plants. The company grew into a full-service operation, offering construction and maintenance services to a wide variety of industries, including the U.S. military and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Although Burns and Roe did not manufacture asbestos products, the company has admitted that: “Like many other companies in its industry and other industries, Burns and Roe engineered and constructed facilities that, in accordance with government and client guidelines and then-existing industry standards, used asbestos-containing material.”

Asbestos is a carcinogen that causes mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and other serious diseases. There is no safe level of asbestos exposure, and many workers at Burns and Roe job sites across New York have been diagnosed with life-threatening respiratory illnesses after inhaling the deadly fibers.

At Belluck & Fox, our nationally recognized mesothelioma attorneys fight for the rights of workers and families who have been harmed because large asbestos companies failed to warn them of the danger of asbestos. Our top-rated law firm has recovered almost $1 billion for deserving clients and their families, and we stand ready to fight for you now.  

The Burns and Roe Personal Injury Settlement Trust was established in 2009 to compensate asbestos victims and their families. Our attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complex process of filing claims against asbestos trusts. We know what it takes to build a successful claim, and our team does all the legwork so our clients can focus on their health.

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Were You Exposed to Asbestos at a Burns and Roe Job Site?

Burns and Roe has admitted that the company routinely used asbestos-containing materials at its job sites across New York and throughout the United States. Workers may have been exposed to asbestos while building, maintaining, repairing, removing, or demolishing structures or equipment.

The Burns and Roe Personal Injury Settlement Trust has identified more than 50 New York locations where the company used asbestos products:

Entemann’s Bakery Bayshore
Grumman Aerospace Corp. Bethpage
ANSCO – Boiler House Binghamton
Brookhaven National Laboratory Brookhaven
Indian Point Nuclear Plant Buchanan
Charles R. Huntley Power Station Buffalo
Union Carbide Corp. Buffalo
Prototype Portable Gas Turbine Power Plant Coxsachie
Republic Airport Transportation Center East Farmingdale
Shoreham Nuclear Power Station East Shoreham
Long Island Lighting Far Rockawat
Fairchild Republic Co. Farmingdale
Republic Aviation Corp. Farmingdale
Village of Freeport Municipal Power Plant Freeport
Oswego Falls Corp. Fulton
Sealright Co. Fulton
Glenwood Power Station Glenwood Landing
Sperry Division, Sperry Rand Corp. Great Neck
Carlson Generating Station Jamestown
Michelin Tire Corp. Lake Success
58th Street Generating Station New York
95 Wall St. Realty Co. New York
Astoria Station – Consolidated Edison New York
Columbia University – High Beta Fusion Research Lab New York
Manhattan College Power System New York
New York Naval Shipyard New York
Raybesot Manhattan New York
Ruppert Brewery New York
Washburn Wire Co. New York
Waterside Generating Station New York
Whitman Ingersoll Houses – Boiler Plant New York
Woolworth Building – Steam Generation Plant New York
Parkchester Housing Complex New York
Stewart Air Force Base Newburgh
Onondaga County Resources Recovery Plant North Syracuse
Orange & Rockland Utilities, Inc. Nyack
Oswego Steam Station Oswego
Pert Jervis – Municipal Electric Port Jervis
Lonestar Cement Poughkeepsie
Vassar College Biological Sciences Building Poughkeepsie
Vassar College Steam Plant Poughkeepsie
JFK International Airport – Pan American World Airways Inc. Maintenance Facilities Queens
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp – Dannskammer #1 Roseton
Roseton Generating Steam Roseton
NY State Urban Devel. Corp. – Cogeneration Plant S. Bronx
General Electric Co. – Knolls Atomic Power Lab Schenectady
Union College Heating Plant Schenectady
Orange & Rockland Utilities, Inc. Spring Valley
Howland Hook Containerport Staten Island
Ciba-Geigy Suffern
Hancock Air Force Base Syracuse
Hudson/Tompkins Cove Plant – Orange & Rockland Utilities Inc. Tomkins Cove
Lovett Station – Orange & Rockland Utilities Inc. Tomkins Cove
Cluett Peabody Co. Troy
Mitchel Air Force Base Uniondale
Taggart Brothers Watertown
Worthington Corp. Wellsville


Burns and Roe may also have used asbestos materials at additional sites that are not on the trust’s list. If you or a loved one worked for Burns and Roe and have now been diagnosed with an asbestos disease, you need to learn about your legal rights to compensation. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

History of Burns and Roe

Headquartered in Oradell, New Jersey, Burns and Roe was founded in 1932 by Ralph C. Roe, Allan E. Burns, C.E. Lakin, and J.P. Mailler, who had all lost their jobs at the Electric Management and Engineering Company (EMEC). The engineering and design firm struggled in its first few months, and Lakin and Mailler soon left.   

The company steadied itself over the next three years, adding income and clients. However, in 1935, Allan Burns took a job with the Utility Management Corporation, leaving Ralph Roe to run the company on his own.

In 1936, the company earned a major contract when the Lansing Burns and RoeBoard of Water and Electric Light Commission chose it to design a 25,000-kilowatt power plant. The company’s design won many accolades and attracted more business. By the end of the decade, Burns and Roe listed Consolidated Edison and Jacob E. Decker and Sons as clients.

During the 1940s, the company earned a reputation for designing, engineering, and building state-of-the-art power plants. It also branched out into aircraft engineering projects, paving the way for aviation and aeronautical projects in the future.

In the 1950s, the company expanded into government projects, including designing missile defense systems and missile installations. Over the next three decades, it also got involved in nuclear power plant projects, desalination plants, defense and aerospace projects, and the waste disposal industry. This growth led the company to also expand its operations to overseas.

Although the company continued to diversify and focus on high-tech innovations, its history of using asbestos materials at job sites came back to haunt it. Workers diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and other illnesses began filing personal injury claims against the company. It settled more than 2,000 asbestos claims before declaring that its Burns and Roe Enterprises subsidiary would file for bankruptcy in December 2000.

The Burns and Roe Personal Injury Settlement Trust was created in 2009 as part of the bankruptcy reorganization plan. The trust was established to compensate current and future workers who were exposed to asbestos at Burns and Roe job sites and have since been diagnosed with mesothelioma and other diseases.


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