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Consolidated Edison Ravenswood Generating Station

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The Ravenswood Generating Station, located at the intersection of Vernon Blvd and 36th Avenue along the East River in Long Island City, Queens, is capable of providing up to 21 percent of the electricity consumed in New York City.

Originally built for Consolidated Edison, the plant was sold to KeySpan in 1999 as part of a divestiture plan and is now owned by TransCanada.

Ravenswood began operations in 1963 with two units. Ravenswood Unit 3, the home of “Big Allis,” a 1,000-megawatt generator built by Allis-Chambers, went online in 1965. At the time, Big Allis was the world’s largest electric-generating unit, and it remains the largest generator in New York City. A fourth unit was added to Ravenswood by KeySpan in 2004. All units run on natural gas and oil. The plant has a total capacity of 2,480 megawatts.

Con Ed in 1962 proposed building a 1,000-megawatt nuclear plant at the Ravenswood site that would have been the largest nuclear-generating station in the world. The local community, however, strongly opposed its presence in their backyard, and Con Ed withdrew its application for the nuclear plant in 1964. No nuclear plant has ever been built in New York City. The closest is at Indian Point, 38 miles north of the city in Buchanan.

After KeySpan bought the Ravenswood Generating Station in 1999, the company merged with National Grid. TransCanada bought Ravenswood in 2008. A steam plant at the site continues to supply steam to the Consolidated Edison steam network.

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